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20th October 2020

Making every viewing count. Is it time to rip up the rule book?

Charlotte Toon


With the pandemic jumpstarting a radical re-think of the workplace, tenants have been left struggling to understand how their business and environmental requirements will determine their new future of work.

Unable to envision their future in their existing office because too much has changed, many tenants are needing more than just flexible solutions from landlords and tenants; they need assurance.

ThirdWay Group has fast tracked the launch of TX (Tenant Experience), an offering that gives tenants the ability to design their future office in their first viewing, future-proofing the space for themselves, reducing void and protecting headline rent loss for landlords, and providing agents a new and exciting way of marketing their buildings.

A TX viewing is attended by both a real estate agent and a Design Host who uses interactive technology and physical sample materials to guide tenants through the personalisation process giving them the inspiration and information they need to make their real estate decision.

Piggybacking on the previous success of Cat A+ (which Founding Director Charlotte Toon pioneered in 2017), TX is the next evolution of marketing fitted space, giving tenants assured foresight of their new environment while adhering to a pre-determined landlord budget.

Tenants stand to reduce costs by leveraging templates already applied to the space they are seeing, that are customisable for their business’s needs and delivered fully in their brand. The clarity of both cost and outcome up front means that transactions are agreed more quickly and voids reduced.

Focusing on spaces for businesses with between 20 and 250 people, TX best suits companies that are big enough to want their own front door and office, but small enough to require a partner that specialises in design and presents decision options in sound business terms.

The new business has been launched by ThirdWay Group and Founding Directors Charlotte Toon & Freddie-Pritchard Smith.

Freddie Pritchard-Smith says:

“The viewing experience has remained the same for generations, but as space as a service has become a major talking point, we want TX to spell the end of ‘white box’ viewings. Everyone has an opinion on design, and every company has different needs, and we intend to put personalised design at the heart of the letting experience. TX combines our passion for design, our understanding of tenant and landlord needs, and our experience of applying technology in innovative ways to give people the outcome they need.”

Charlotte Toon further comments:

“TX is about changing the level of conversation we can have with the tenant, about design and its pivotal role in providing smarter space and more productive environments. It’s also about making the design experience accessible, engaging, and easy to navigate, to really help the tenant to find, define and create a workplace they are happy to call home, and where their individual work culture can thrive.

"The process allows the tenant to be involved in crucial decisions from the moment they visit the floor. Through from the form and function of the office, to certain materials and aesthetics to create a bespoke and effective workspace, aligned to them, that can be designed, built and moved into quickly and effectively.”

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