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19th January 2021

Why personalised space is more important than ever

Charlotte Toon


While conversations in Spring 2020 focused on whether we needed an office at all, conversations about work in 2021 are more frequently based upon the excitement to return to the office when we can. It’s fair to say that most of us are craving a sense of community, social interactions, and an ability to separate our work life from our home life. Businesses too are coming into 2021 with different needs – one of which centres around the office as a tool for nurturing culture and brand experience. The importance of communicating your company’s identity has never been more important.

Co-working providers haven’t historically given their occupiers the opportunity to tell their own story within their rented space. The providers themselves may have unique, sometimes statement, brands and it is this energy that an occupier or their visitors engage with when they’re in the workplace, rather than their own.

Meanwhile, single tenant spaces have an opportunity to create their own environment – one that speaks to the people who work there, or who visit, both openly and subconsciously.

Our physical environment impacts our psychology in three ways:

  • Affect - influencing emotions or mood
  • Cognition - influencing perceptions, intuition, understanding and thought process
  • Behaviour - influencing how we conduct ourselves

Everything from our day-to-day- disposition, our decision-making ability, and how motivated and effective we are can be impacted by where we are at the time. When it comes to designing offices, these key factors correlate with the core considerations of an office space:

  • how it visually looks
  • how it stimulates individuals
  • how it physically forces people to interact
  • how the company wishes to be reflected and understood by its employees.

This is where brand comes in. Brand identity is not just about applying graphics to walls and accenting furniture in a particular colour, but about creating a space where you can breathe in a culture and connect to an environment around you. Through clever application of things like art installations and material selections that align with your core values, you can subconsciously control the way people interact with a space and how they feel within it. Branding your space also gives you an opportunity to tell the outside world what you stand for. This sense of certainty, safety and purpose is what we are being asked to reflect in the spaces we design. The way a space looks, feels, sounds, and even smells, all become part of the brand experience.

CAT A+ space (fully fitted, immediately occupiable space) has given tenants the opportunity to define a more personalised environment while maintaining the same benefits of financial control and shorter lease terms of co-working.

TX takes the conversation to the next level. Our Design Host is there to understand your purpose and how you want people to feel within your office. Together, you can translate that into meaningful adaptations to the physical environment and leave your first viewing with the vision and confidence to make the real estate decisions that matter.