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21st April 2021

Let me tell you a story...

Charlotte Toon


In commercial interior design, a new style of presenting is upon us. This new way of engaging with our audience has been one of the key principles behind our on-site experience which puts the design process and people at the forefront of the letting process. It all starts with storytelling.

The days of presenting a design sat at a boardroom table with only CGIs to bring the idea to life are fast disappearing. Instead, we are delving into the realms of creating immersive environments that provoke feeling, spark the senses, and truly aid the visualisation process. As an individual looking for a new office, why would you want to be talked at, when you could be taken on a journey?

Take a seat – or don’t

First and foremost, it’s about setting. There is a significant psychological shift when you encourage people to stand up around a table and engage with the environment that’s in front of them. It causes a very different dynamic when talking through a design - more collaborative and conversational – and that’s so important to TX as it supports the conversations that matter. It also keeps meetings on point. We know that people are busy, so we make sure every moment counts. Standing releases endorphins, keeps energy levels high and creates a more welcoming environment. It’s a no brainer for us.

Keep it real

You may hear us say that ‘technology is only an enabler - there is no substitute for the real thing’. TX doesn’t rely on tech alone to bring a space to life. We believe in the power of the built environment and the physical and longer-lasting cognitive connection you will have to the floor you are viewing. This ability to see, touch and engage with something real is what gives you confidence to know what you like and what you may not. Moving office can be a big investment and a high-pressure process so physical experiences help eliminate risk and provide reassurance. It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO or the Office Manager, certainty matters.

Your inner designer

We want you, the occupier, to feel comfortable and supported in this process; to voice your tastes and aspirations and have fun doing it. Your openness allows us to identify and align your needs with one of our schemes and ensures your needs are met, aesthetically and functionally. Having a qualified designer as your host, a selection of finishes for you to choose from, and the technology to make design changes in real-time, allows you to channel your inner creative. In my 12 years as a designer, the finishes meeting is always the one everyone wants to be at – it’s exciting and enjoyable but also shows you the quality you’re investing in.

Happily ever after

Good designers are, by nature, passionate story tellers. No design is pulled out of thin air, but usually involves many iterations, much like moving pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, understanding the brief at hand to pull together the ultimate solution. There is huge amount of theory and reason as to why a layout, a colour scheme, or mood will be defined, understanding the impact each will have on the people that inhabit the space. TX is here to tell you the story of your potential office space, to work with you on its creation and adapt it to tell your story too.