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4th November 2020

How technology has changed the world – and the letting experience

Freddie Pritchard-Smith


For many of us, the smartphone has become a part of everyday life in a way that we didn’t anticipate. The humble mobile, which simply enabled telephone conversations on the move, has evolved into a device that provides us with access to anything from health data through to augmented reality experiences instantly. Our expectations of what can be achieved at the touch of a screen (not a button) know no bounds.

Having access to this level of technology in our pockets has created an expectation of convenience and instant gratification. Tech businesses are constantly looking for new ways to streamline user experience to create engaging relationships between customer and content, and to make product or service experiences faster, easier and more satisfying. Think back to the days we would wait patiently for a taxi to serendipitously drive past us to hail it. Today, anything over a three minute wait when you summon a cab online is so unacceptable that people cancel the ride and open another app to find a taxi that will arrive sooner.

This new way of living was, among many other factors surrounding commercial real estate, a catalyst to the development of the TX app. Created by a UX (user experience) designer and a market leading technology company, the TX app is an interface that could change the viewing experience forever.

We know that one of the greatest challenges that landlords face when speculatively fitting out office space is that they are designing for a hypothetical tenant. The typical design strategy, therefore, is to appeal to everyone and anyone that walks through the door. However, our experience working directly with occupiers of such space informs us that no business is the same and personalisation is critical to their decision-making.

In the context of CAT A+ space, the opportunities to inherit a built environment limit this; that’s why TX uses technology to give prospective tenants a choice of finishes, fittings and layouts in the first viewing and instant understanding of how those choices will look. In the words of my Co-Director Charlotte Toon. “technology is great but there is no substitute for the real thing” and that’s why tech is just a part of our immersive tenant experience. Our app works alongside a built environment and physical sample finishes that tenants can collect as they walk the space. By feeding their preferences into the technology platform, they are able to see their future office in real-time and make their final choices on design, resulting in more confident decisions about real estate.

“We're really enjoying working with TX and I'd advocate their proptech witchcraft to everyone looking to differentiate their building #imaginethisworkspace" – Jules Hind, Partner at Farebrother

From speaking to tenants we know that simply creating a customised design on-site doesn’t fulfil the entire user experience. We provide landlords the option to white-label the product to match other building marketing collateral, and we also capture the tenants choices in a report which, with the click of a button, is sent directly to them and their professional advisor before they have even left the building.

Our promise is that every tenant will leave a TX viewing with the knowledge of how much the space will cost, when they can move in and, of course, what it will look like.

If you would like to know more about TX, please complete the enquiry form below or email for more information.