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12th March 2022

Committed to supporting small businesses

Charlotte Toon


TX employs less than a dozen people. We’re a start-up. A small business, with big ambitions, our own P&L, and a business strategy specific to our team and our dreams. We’re lucky enough, however, to be backed by a bigger company - ThirdWay Group – whose people act as an extension of our own, supporting, endorsing and celebrating what we’re about. We know and understand the security that this has provided us during a pandemic and economic crisis - and we’re incredibly grateful. We also know how tough the last year has been on other start-ups, small businesses and the self-employed.

It’s a privilege to work with, support and get to know the talented people behind small businesses, especially now. Too often, in a world where everything is available at any time, people hop from one option to the next. We’re even encouraged to do so by comparison sites that convince us of greener grass than the one we water.

At TX, the relationships we build professionally and the companies we choose to partner with are built upon trust, loyalty and aligned values. We forge professional friendships that stand to make a real difference to them and us. Who we work with directly influences how we operate and what we can offer our clients, so that’s why today’s blog celebrates the independent businesses that we have worked with since we launched TX and in some cases, several years before.


Lease-a-leaf is an independent, family-run business that I’ve used for years. They supply plants for offices and commercial areas across the UK. I first met the Davidson family through an old colleague who was good friends with them. No brief is too hard, no project is too large. The team have always worked hard to deliver quality plants, on time and on budget to hundreds of projects. I love that the whole family turns up on site - Mum, Dad, brothers and their team. That’s the kind of company we love to work with.  The relationship also allowed us to work together to diversify their offering with rolling contracts for landlords, perfect for bringing TX suites to life, potentially temporarily.


When it comes to accessorising our suites, we partner with Emelie from What’s your Cosy. Emelie is a one lady band who takes huge pride in her proposals and takes great care in a detailed delivery. From the moment we met, we knew the two companies would work in harmony. She has very quickly taken on board design briefs to successfully bring our spaces to life. It’s the personal care and involvement that attracted us to ‘What’s your cosy’ initially as that client ethos is exactly how we approach our own partnerships.


Our secret weapon is far too beautiful to keep secret!  Flowers should be art and Emily at Design by Nature creates incredibly unique pieces from her studio in North London. We want to give our buildings the edge and to do so means exploring alternatives to the traditional orchids and flower vases. Working alongside Emily gives us the opportunity to explore beautiful dried-flower installations inspired by the setting they’re in, connecting the architecture directly to its accessories.


Last but definitely not least, we partner with the best coffee shops near to each of the properties in our portfolio. That way when tenants are viewing the space, they can also try out what may become their new ‘local’. Most recently, we’ve worked with Hopper which is located near Brownlow Yard in Holborn. This small but powerful coffee shop is run by the incredibly enthusiastic owner who is supplying our TX suite with the best ground coffee (drip iced coffee in summer) and delicious lunches for the longer design sessions. We love being able to connect occupiers to their area and support small businesses like Hopper who have felt the burn of lockdown.