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25th August 2020

Changing the game with technology

Freddie Pritchard-Smith

CO Founder Director of Technology & Tenant Experience

The letting process isn’t currently known for being technologically innovative. Traditionally, your retained agent will book an appointment at a shortlisted building and you will spend approximately 7 minutes looking at what is often an empty space. Your agent will talk you through the high level financial and location necessities (square footage, maximum occupation, rent, rates, service charge) but you’ll leave this prospective new office with minimal understanding of how it could be designed to get the best out of your people and business. TX brings technology to the forefront of the viewing process, empowering you with the inspiration and foresight that makes your real estate decision-making easy and enjoyable.

We work alongside businesses on a daily basis helping them transform empty office spaces into environments that will engage staff so that business can thrive. By blending technology with real life experience, we capture a design studio experience in an interactive platform that means you can create, cost and schedule your vision before you leave the building.

Using the TX app and touch screen technology, you can characterise the type of business you are and the style of environment you thrive in. You’ll navigate a series of possible floorplans, create your own mood-boards, and identify colour palettes for the space, made easier because you’ll have fabric swatches and samples to review in real-time to aid your decisions. When your customised design is complete, it doesn’t just cover the aesthetics but also a cost plan and a suggested move-in date. The project details can then be emailed directly to you so you can consider it in more detail or present it to a wider team.

I come from a background of both real estate agency and technology and am passionate about how the game can be changed by combining the two. I’ve spent the past three years working with landlords to develop property technology that enables them to create smarter buildings and communities and am excited to now have a tool to allow landlords and agents to engage new tenants.

The world has changed and the commercial letting process is moving with it. TX is an opportunity to meet the needs of every stakeholder immediately, giving companies complete transparency and foresight and landlords and agents a new, innovative way to differentiate their space in a competitive market. Whilst the technology isn’t necessarily new, the application of it certainly is.

Given the nature of mine and Charlotte’s expertise, tech integration is also considered within every office design. Pre-pandemic, many businesses were already adopting more flexible ways of working but in recent months there has been a huge focus on establishing more intentional Hybrid Working models and technology is essential to their success. Tech should no longer be considered a bolt-on or a ‘nice to have’; it needs to be in the DNA of every design brief.

A typical TX appointment will be hosted by your real estate agent and a TX host where you can spend as long as you need using the large-screen app to tailor your ideas to your aspirations, deadline and budget, drawing upon both the knowledge of the real estate agents and design experts in the room.

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