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19th August 2020

Certainty in an Uncertain World

Vicky​ Kingsnorth

Marketing Manager

It’s quite likely that over the past 12 months of uncertainty you have considered the purpose and necessity of your workplace more times than you can count. If you find yourself here, we can assume you have come to the conclusion that there is great value in a well-considered office. We may be preaching to the converted when we say that a great space unites your people, enables chance encounters, collaboration and innovation, attracts and engages clients, provides your employees opportunity to learn and grow, and as a result your business grows too.

An office is so much more than four walls and enough desks to sit your people at. Yet when you view space, often that’s what you’re faced with. Blank walls, occasionally a nice view, an indication of square footage and headcount, and an idea of what this basic white box will cost you each month.

If you want to know what it will look like when it's decorated to reflect your brand, how the space will be used by your team, what it would be like to sit there and check your emails as you drink your first cup of coffee of the day, well that part you have to imagine. Until now.

We understand that moving office is a big decision and getting it wrong is an expensive mistake. TX gives you the chance to experience what your future could be like. We design and fit-out Cat A+ space and invite you in to spend a little time there as though it’s your own - sharing with you the myriad ways it could be.

With interactive technology we walk you through your floorplan options and show you how the space will look with your own selection of finishes, fittings and fixtures. We take you through a process of customising the environment so that it suits your needs and reflects your team. There are no headsets here - this is not a virtual reality experience. It’s a reality experience. From floor finishes to kitchen sinks, door handles to desking, by the time you leave your viewing you’ll know, in intimate detail, what your next office will be like. You’ll have seen your design selections, held them in your hand, felt the quality and comfort of the furniture, tasted the coffee, heard the banter and glimpsed the future. Not only that but you will know exactly what it will cost to achieve it and when you can move in.

Tenants that view TX workspace are invited to actively participate in the viewing experience and empowered to make the design decisions that will have a big impact on their future working environment.

We partner with pioneering landlords and agents to make your real-estate decisions easier. The benefit of personalising Cat A+ space means that your landlord will cover the fit-out costs, your agent will negotiate your terms, TX will sort out the design logistics, and you’ll have complete control of the final outcome.

In these changeable times, when your concerns about capital expenditure are great and your desire to move into space that keeps your staff engaged is greater, TX addresses both. No more white box viewings – with TX we can guarantee great design, great value and a great letting experience.