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26th January 2021

Building an App That Redefines Tenant Experience

Freddie Pritchard-Smith


User experience (UX) is something that every business should consider but one that technology businesses have specialised in over the last few years. There are seldom better examples than Amazon who, through detailed user research, identified the pain points around e-commerce for their customers and focused all their attention on developing a platform that removed as many of them as possible, without improving how the website looked.

Tenants looking to find and design their next office space also encounter numerous pain points.

With the ‘CAT A+’, ‘turnkey’, ‘plug and play’ concept still being both industry jargon and lacking any clear standard definition, there are many unknowns for a tenant about this ‘type’ of space that is now widely available across the market (equating to 60% of the Midtown availability, Farebrother Research Q4 2020).  We work hard to address this. By bringing design and technology to the Cat A+ letting experience we enable tenants to see how their needs manifest into design in real time, giving them the control and confidence that they seek before committing to new premises.

Using our vast experience of defining briefs with businesses looking for space, we designed our app to uncover their pain points and ensure the core requirements of their next office space are addressed.

We’ve applied the ‘rule of three’ so tenants can choose a design aesthetic that most aligns to their business without the paralysis of too much choice.  From floorplans to kitchen worktops, furniture styles to fabric colours, TX clients can customise the very space they are viewing. It allows them to add a personal touch to a type of space not renowned for flexibility.

Once they’ve stepped through the questions and tailored their space, the information we’ve captured is emailed to them instantly, answering further age-old pain points on cost and timing. The tenant leaves the viewing knowing what their space could look like, how much it will cost them and when they can move in. Plus, they have the confidence and inspiration to make it happen.

The design of the application itself is based on the logic behind mobile applications, considering the ‘thumb zone’ which accounts for the dexterity and convenience of app users. Have you ever noticed that the functions app developers don’t want you to find, such as logging out or raising an issue, are usually in the hard-to-reach zones while the functions they want you to frequently use are quite literally at your fingertips?

TX app users stand at a large touch screen, rather than a phone, that is designed to enable our Hosts to stand to one side and encourage one or multiple people to interact with the beautiful, un-obscured, conveniently placed content. The step-by-step process is image led, inspirational and aspirational so tenants are engaged and excited to use it.

TX space and technology is best suited to a landlord who has multiple floors available within a single building and has invested in (or plans to invest in) a Cat A+ suite on just one of those floors. The TX team, alongside your disposal agent, use the fitted space as a marketing suite that can be replicated, with the tailored details, on the empty floors. It means landlords can delay further investment until a tenant is secured, and mitigates the risk associated with changing a ready-built environment because it will have been constructed to the tenant’s requirements.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our technology and for that reason the TX app will never be finished. If you’d like a demonstration, we’d be happy to show you and to discuss how we could work together to market vacant space in your portfolio.